Thanks to my interdisciplinary research profile I have had the privilege of teaching in two very different fields. Nevertheless, whether I am teaching courses in dance studies, literature, studio practice, or language, my primary goal is the same: to teach students to think critically about cultural objects. This might take the form of asking students to restage theater scenes, helping them decipher clues about pantomime and communication from primary source materials, or guiding them through a close reading of a text or viewing of a dance performance. Through this work, I encourage students both to consider the cultural specificity of the objects they are studying while also thinking about both broader themes and intersections between cultures and languages that might provide nuance to their investigations.

Below is a full list of courses taught or projected:

At Swarthmore College

Dance Studies

  • DANC 001A Introduction to Dance Studies: Bodies, Power & Resistance
  • DANC 002/MUSI 002/THEA 011A First Year Seminar: Carnival Culture: Dance, Music, and Drama in Early Modern Europe
  • DANC 007 First Year Seminar: The Mass Ornament
  • DANC 021/CPLT 21 Performance in Early Modern Europe
  • DANC 021A/CPLT 21A French Language Attachment: Performance in Early Modern Europe
  • DANC 022/MUSI 026 Ballet and Modern Dance in Europe and North America: 19th and 20th Centuries
  • DANC 028 Ballet in the Atlantic World
  • DANC 023 Contemporary Performance
  • DANC 032 The Mass Ornament
  • DANC 0XX Literature and Dance


  • DANC 011 Dance Lab I

Studio Practice

  • Ballet I
  • Ballet II
  • Ballet II with Pointe
  • Ballet III
  • Pointe & Partnering
  • Ballet Repertory

At Johns Hopkins University

  • Eighteenth-Century French Theater (taught in French)
  • Eighteenth-Century European Theater (taught in English)
  • First Year French
  • Second Year French
  • Third Year French

At the Peabody Institute

  • Stage Movement for Singers