The Kind of Thing That Would Happen (2016)

In a post-truth world, what makes a good story? Does it matter whether it’s true? Monologue, dance and an original score weave a narrative exploring elusive memory, love and how truth and untruth affects how we perceive the world.

Choreography: Olivia Sabee with the dancers

Sound Design: DeLesslin George-Warren

Set Design: Ben Levine

Lighting Design: Annie Choudhury

Costumes: Catherine Roth & Olivia Sabee

Original Cast: Hannah Joo, Melissa Lineburg, Catherine Roth, Robert Rubama

Hannah Joo Photo by Sasha Fornari 3Melissa Lineburg Hannah Joo Photo by Sasha Fornari 1Catherine Roth Robert Rubama Photo by Sasha Fornari 2Cast Photo by Sasha Fornari 4